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Egyptian Love Symbols

Ancient Egyptian Symbols that represented Love are expressed in this section of our site.

The egyptians were a loving people, and the statues that symbolize egyptians often feature faces of egyptians that look especially happy and content. When you look at the ancient egyptian statues you can't help but feel a feeling of love. The faces on the statues look at peace and filled with love.

While the egyptians loved symbols for just about everything, we found that the symbols below were the closest symbols to representation of love.

Feathers of Maat

feather of maatThe hieroglyph that meant "love" is called the feathers of Maat, and features two or three feathers close together.





Frog Egyptian Symbol

Frog SymbolIn ancient Egypt the frog symbolized fertility and it was a symbol of Life.

Egyptian Love Bottles

love bottleThese bottles were given to people to symbolize eternal love. The love bottles can be used to contain perfume.


Hathor Love GoddessAncient Egyptian Goddess of Love. Hathor is an Ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of love, beauty, music, motherhood and joy.

Ancient Egyptian Cat Symbol

Cat SymbolThe cat goddess Bast eventually replaced the cult of Mafdet, and Bast's image softened over time and she became the deity representing protection, fertility, and motherhood. The Cat symbol is not a direct symbol of Love, but it is one of the closest symbols to love signification in Ancient Egypt


Ankh Symbol

ankh symbolThis ancient Egyptian Symbol is one of the symbols that comes the closest to symbolizing love in Egypt. It is most well known for symbolizing eternal life. By Egyptologists it is called the symbol of life.
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